image based construction

Imagine Google Street View but for construction sites

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A new class of photo documentation tools, powered by AI

OpenSpace invented automated 360° video jobsite capture and mapping.
We are the fastest, simplest, and most advanced tool out there - and we can prove it.

Automation, Innovation, Integration, Optimisation, Virtualisation

Imagine Google Street View but for construction sites. OpenSpace is the single source of real-time information for your company. Turn on your camera. Tap Go and walk around your site. OpenSpace’s Vision Engine technology maps your photos to your architectural drawings automatically and processes them in 15 minutes saving you time and cost.

The OpenSpace Platform


  • Capture and document
    your project in minutes
  • OpenSpace Vision Engine
    and secure storage
  • Simple interactive viewing
    and AI tools


Complete control - whenever, wherever, equals complete peace of mind.


Automate inspection and resolve issues before they escalate or even happen


Know what's really happening, anywhere, anytime


Digitise the entire process, from field to office, seamlessly

Capture your site with unmatched speed and simplicity

Document your project like a pro; in minutes, not hours.

Fully Automated and Lightning Fast

Turn the camera on, tap Go, and just walk. Our construction photo documentation software captures images every half-second and automatically ties them to project drawings. No construction photographer required. The OpenSpace Vision Engine gets smarter over time: after a few walks, most projects can expect to get results in 10 to 15 minutes — not hours, not days.

Easy and Organized

With OpenSpace Field Notes, you can use your phone to add detailed images and notes while you walk and our software automatically pins them to floor plans. Use Field Notes to make short work of punch items, observations, RFIs, and more. Attach schematics, PDFS, etc. as file attachments. Keep your conversations within the context of your documentation and eliminate the need for emails or phone calls back and forth by adding comments. Add a due date and we’ll notify you when it’s due.

Flexible and Cross Platform

OpenSpace works with the tools you already have—we support the Ricoh Theta, Insta360 and the Garmin Virb 360. We work on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. In addition to automated 360 video captures, we also support 360 photo stills and mobile phone photos. Whatever you have, we’ve got you covered.

Automated Progress Tracking

Change the dynamics of your jobsite. OpenSpace allows you to access your jobsite whenever, from wherever, cutting down on uncertainty. Real-time accurate data allows teams to make decisions with confidence and unmatched speed, accuracy and simplicity.

Cut the debate. Keep it Simple.

A tool that ensures companies can deliver the support and reassurance needed to their customers in the digital age. OpenSpace® provides you with next-generation 360° construction photo documentation software, powerful integrations, Image Based Construction, radical project transparency and the smartest analytics tools in the industry for documenting your construction projects. Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Save on Construction Costs

Save on construction costs, travel costs, and accelerate your project schedules. OpenSpace® provides your company with a new class of solutions. Meaning managing your assets is easier and smarter than ever before. At OpenSpace we bring deep technical expertise to better serve you.

More About OpenSpace

Building time machines for every job site

OpenSpace uses cutting-edge technology, think the perception and navigation AI systems used in self-driving cars, to allow people out in the real world to efficiently capture their work, analyse it, and get things done. Think of OpenSpace as a virtual time machine for every jobsite, allowing you the opportunity to go back in time for your project and track progress.

Reducing the cost, time, and pain it takes to build and operate will revolutionise the industry’s approach to construction specifically and real estate management broadly, and revolutionise how we manage humanity’s built environments overall. Even a savings of one percent would change the game. And we can do a lot better than one percent